The Boyfriend Experience

Countess Blackwell—Paradox. Androgyne. Anachronism. High Priestess of Hell, Mistress of Pleasure and Hospitality.

The cultivation and enjoyment of pleasure is essential to a blissful life. Too often, women lose their relationship to pleasure. Women remain oppressed by the expectations placed upon us. Even now, a certain level of chastity and refinement is demanded. Pleasure is supposed to be accidental—something that happens to women, not something we are to actively pursue of our own volition. If we do pursue pleasure for its own sake, we are saddled with shame and guilt for doing so. The result is the suppression—women become roiling cauldrons of desire, waiting for the space and opportunity to bubble to the surface. I provide a bespoke + immersive experience that exalts and celebrates the pleasure principle, intensive and passionate, an exacting meditation on desire, an amorous engagement, a delightful relinquishment of control, an effacement of self, a worship of a Goddess.

Our time together will be unbridled and unbounded—beyond the binary, the familiar, the traditional. The Countess Blackwell Experience dances between light and dark, flows between masculine and feminine, carouses between Madonna and Whore. Countess Blackwell is for the passionate, ambitious, and forward thinking woman. A woman unfazed by indulging her more eccentric desires, a woman unrelenting in her pursuit of pleasure. If you are such a woman, I am your paramour in waiting. I am your guide, your partner in licentiousness.

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