When she travels along the underworld journey to see and confront the demons within, she returns to the surface and finds that she has ceased to fear. She knows there is nothing to be afraid of. She has seen death in her being and lived to dance another day. She is, in a manner of... Continue Reading →

The Source

Acquainting ourselves with our sexual power is vital to our individual and collective liberation and success. Patriarchal institutions, cultures and norms function on the foundation that women do not know we contain the power that creates and sustains everything around us. As custodians of the feminine, we intuit this, deep in our bones, but the... Continue Reading →


Tangles of women splayed on carpets, silks and pillows, dozing after another evening in heights and depths of the body's enchantment Breath perfumed with wine, savoring new memories of peach and petal lips in dream sleeping lust lies heavy in incensed air, rousing other women to dip nimbly into nearby companions still others in a... Continue Reading →

Salt + Sand

‪Her skin is a warm breeze of salt and sand ‬ Sun kissed, sun loved, sun baked Time does not exist for her She's reborn each season, Laughs at the sun and flirts with the rain Death, life, all is one to her she body rolls with the ease of the clouds pussy pops the... Continue Reading →


Submerge yourself into the world. Live fully, dive into passion with abandon, taste all life has to offer, all you are drawn to. Do this with consciousness and all that you are drawn to will reveal much of yourself to you. Feast on every experience as well as every lesson. After some time, once you... Continue Reading →


On the whole, letters are and will continue to be an excellent means of making an impression on a woman—the dead letters of writing often have more influence than the living word. The letter is an intimate communication; she is alone with herself in the world, with your words billowing around her. Among an endless... Continue Reading →

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