Transsexual—Strategist. Courtesan. Dominatrix. Ghetto Aristocrat. Black Supremacist. High Priestess of Hell.

Countess is a strange and intoxicating mix of feminine and masculine qualities. There is something primordial about her—a vascular, birdlike frame, dark skin, and piercing eyes. A Warrior Goddess. Countess is androgynous, ambiguity in the flesh. It is Her paradoxical nature that intrigues and stirs interest, piercing the veil of suppressed desires in the women who find themselves inexplicably drawn to her. Countess Blackwell is an embodiment of liberation at the intersection of the sacred and the profane. Countess radiates a magnetic and forbidden sexual energy. She is a firm, but nurturing Matriarch, a gorgeous display of eloquence, cleverness, and luxury. She exalts love, pleasure, and the transformational potential and power of sex above all else.

Offerings are received with love + gratitude.