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For the discerning woman who craves a safe, intimate, and passionate encounter on demand, without worry or complication. Slip into something comfortable. Pleasure awaits us.

90 minutes: $200

180 minutes: $400


The Art of Courting, in Modern America, is deeply and routinely unsatisfying. Place yourself in the careful and sophisticated hands of the Mistress of Hospitality. After an amiable conversation where I learn about your desires and interests, I curate an experience you are certain to find immensely gratifying.

3 hours: $900

6 hours: $1,500


Knowledgeable. Well traveled.

A expert travel companion available for the jet setting woman who desires to explore the world with her mind at ease. We discuss the destination and then I handle the rest—travel, museums, restaurants, accommodations, spa treatments and more. See the cities of your dreams with a relentlessly curious and adventurous companion.

3 days: $10,000

7 days: $25,000

By Appointment:



Pain. Control. Pleasure. Release. Catharsis. Surrender.

For the self-possessed woman who desires to be possessed, to be overwhelmed, to relinquish control. There is power in surrender and the possibilities of surrender are limited only to your imagination.

Perfect for the novice who has more curiosity about kink than experience. 

90 minutes: $400

180 minutes: $800



Welcome to oblivion.

For the woman who demands total control in all aspects of her life, except the boudoir, where she craves complete surrender. A taste of the Academy Experience, a controlled test of limits and boundaries designed for maximum pleasure. Together and in harmony, we discover the heights and depths of your eroticism.

90 minutes: $300

180 minutes: $600


An immersive transformational experience.

For the intense and insatiable woman interested in the process of total effacement. Under my guidance, discerning eye, and careful instruction, we carefully collaborate on making you the woman of your most untamed desires. The Academy is a bespoke experience that requires a minimum 90 day commitment.

By Appointment:

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