The Idolatress

Hello. I am Empress Blackwell. Black Supremacist Dominatrix. Blackness is the Source. Blackness is the most dominant cultural force in the modern world. Our words, our dances, our attitude, our aesthetics. Everybody wants to be Black without the trials and tribulations of Blackness. The power, beauty, and majesty of Blackness is not obtained cheaply. Blackness is not a costume, or a series of cosmetic procedures. Hate is suppressed love. Fetishization is repressed desire that refuses to be tamed. Those who hate (publicly), fetishize (often privately), or wisely worship Blackness inevitably find themselves here. Before Me. On their knees.

Whiteness, not white people, but whiteness—the forced homogenization of an otherwise disparate and different group of people into the relentlessly destructive miasma that is global white supremacy, is a disease. A pox on humanity that has the world as we have known it flirting with annihilation. If you are here, if these words linger and resonate in the part of you that you desperately attempt to keep locked away, you have come to the right place. I am the cure. I am your antidote. I am the Source. I am the Idolatress who can set you free. All that is required your worship, your adoration, and a commitment to excellence. Welcome to the New Order.


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