Everything Is Funny

In hindsight, getting your ass kicked in front of a live studio audience is kind of hilarious. Not even sure why it happened. The easy answer is that I was an easy target.  5’5,” 85lbs. My head is 10 of the 85. It is an obsidian orb. My ears are elven like. I look like an extraterrestrial according to cousins who relished tormenting me under the guise of toughening me up. For what, I remain unsure. E.T. they would call me. Alf was another nickname. I am certainly dating myself with these references. 

Anyway, I am talking about getting my ass kicked. What grade is it? Unsure. 9th? 10th? Irrelevant. High school was mostly a reoccurring nightmare. Girls made fun of me. Boys made fun of me. The girls watched while the boys kicked the shit out of me. That was fun. Curl up in a ball. Guard the head. My reaction was instinctual. Everyone enjoy the show at my expense this afternoon? Wonderful. Excellent. Glad to hear it. No encores today unfortunately. Maybe next time.