Black Saturday (Preview)

Warsan Shire said that no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark. I have met so many white people who have never returned home, or rarely do so. I affectionate call them wayward whites. Whiteness is a system, a process, a program. It is essential that everyone participates. Any cracks in the armor are not fixed, but dismissed. Swept under the rug. The show must go on, always. Collateral damage be damned. Those who do not comply, and there always some who do not. The Law Of Averages is the order of the day. They are cast out. Banished. Actively or passively. White supremacy takes no prisoners. White supremacy is willing to sacrifice anything, including its own future. Littleton. Sandy Hook. Parkland. Predominantly wealthy white enclaves. 

One might have thought that the removal of precocious white children would be enough for whiteness to examine itself. A society that places no value on the lives of children, the literal future of said society, is barbaric. Whiteness is barbarism masquerading as the height of order and civility. A world where children participate in active shooter drills is not a civil world. The moment an empire has to eat its young to sustain itself, that empire is in rapid decline. Saturn eats his own son when he is a feeble old man. He eats his own son in a short sighted attempt to delay the inevitable. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. Empires fall. Supremacy is not permanent.