Two Thousand Nineteen

A lot of cash. All in rubber bands. Look at all this shit. It is such a gift. I am about to spend it all on some pretty hoes. Who have all the right moves. They are wearing no clothes.

This money is for the bitches. I am a magnet for the cash. Keep it flowing by lavishing these hoes. Let me improve your whole life. Empress. I am paying student loans in this bitch. Child support. I have no kids. I am still paying that shit. She is still sucking my dick. This relationship is symbiotic. Everything costs, so I pay for it upfront. I smoke a lot of weed inside of palm leaf blunts. I talk a lot of shit. I am in my bag. I am handing her a stack, and she will throw that ass.

Money on the floor. Ass everywhere. She drops it down and gets her condor on. Watch her ass rotate. Watch her waist bend at a ninety five degree angle. She busts open. She shakes it nicely. I cannot take my eyes off her. She cannot take her eyes of these bands. We are at an amazing impasse.