The Morning

The morning comes early. The grind is all day. Thank Goddess, I would not have it any other way. The stars are out. I look up and say hello. Twinkle, twinkle, Big Dipper. Here we fucking go. First stop is the gym. Time to get it in. The early crowd is an intense bunch. I am here too. I suppose I am an intense bitch. Okay, I really am. Ain’t that some shit. Shoulders. Chest. Glutes. Abs. Feeling great. Feeling rad. Adrenaline pumping, cocaine rap thumping. 

Back to the spot to get cleaned up. Charcoal toothpaste, mouth jet black. Jump in the shower when the heat is right. Hot water on the scalp feels real nice. Shave where I need to. It is what it is. This transmasculine shit is a fucking trip. A woman with a fucking dick. What the fuck is this? Act, look, sound similar to them, but I am really not. I am something else. Divinity in the flesh. A Great Goddess with God complex. Look great, feel better. Shea butter neck to toe. Check my skin glow. 

Time to dressed, damn a bitch so clean. These pants fit perfect and this shirt so clean. Throw the shoes on, check the head to toe, real professional. Say a prayer before I leave the spot. I thank Goddess for another day. Off to secure a bag, Countess always gets that cash, magnet to the Presidents, money always coming in. Today is show time, the big debut. Black Saturday arrives, live and direct. It is the first time on a set. It ain’t the first time, I fucked a thick doll hoe this fine. Just the first time I have done it on prime time. 

A whole lot of money. Pockets full, I have a whole lot of money. In and out the bank, transactions coming fast. I spend a whole cash on pretty ass hoes. Worth every penny too. She clap her ass for me while I burn these palm leaves. Darling, throw that ass back for me, pretty please? She says Yes, Empress, mercy me. 

Black Saturday, I make moves daily. Paid to fuck pretty bitches on video. Watch me stick and move, fuck her in those pretty high heels that she wearing. We have a great fuck until the camera person yells, ‘Cut,’ nigga, its a wrap. Burned it down before, we spark up after. She is real filthy gorgeous, that ass is enormous. Her tits are stupendous. Whole body is tremendous, pussy transcendent. 

Goddess bitch named Maria. I am Black, pleased to meet you. Platinum blonde babe, she hails from the Eastern Bloc. A white bitch with some bird in her. I love that shit. A white bitch that love Black dick. The excitement is mutual when we link up. Maria jumps in the DMs and pulls up. Hey, I think we should fuck.

What a coincidence, I feel the same way. Excellent, I will set it up. Look forward to a great scene and jumping on that beautiful Black dick. Ain’t that some shit. You are a mighty fine lady if I do say so myself. My speed and my type: tattooed, a lot of attitude, and love to suck dick.