What a time, the future is now. Hook myself up to the juice as I have done for most of the year. Only now I am in sixth gear. I was moving too slow for my liking. Burning both ends of the candle for a decade straight takes its toll, that is for damn sure. Step by step. Brick by brick. Repaired the Spirit first because it was fragmented into a million pieces. Next up, the Soul, that shit was a hole. A void that I desperately wanted to escape until I faced the beauty of it. The Darkness has some light in it. The Darkness is the beginning and the end that never does. The light goes out, but I never do. That means I am one powerful bitch, and now, I see that too.

The body is the last stop, a bitch needs some work. Getting these bags because a bitch has to fix these teeth. Give me the rapper ones, whole mouth in HD. Give me the ones that Gucci got. His teeth are immaculate. I am back on that bullshit, a hoe is back on her skincare. Body butter keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. Hellhound blesses me with a protocol. A routine to follow. Now, a bitch face is more beautiful than ever. Melanin popping with more bandwidth than ever. Toner, moisturizer, and all that rad shit. As above and all that, what is within is most essential. That is where I do the most work and the foundation is a Molotov cocktail of hormone triggers.

I have played with chemicals my entire adult life, this is no exception. Instead self-destruct, the intention is reconstruction. I am on another level. I am at the top of my game. Estrogen treatment. Testosterone too. That is a double dose when you truly embody both. The Lord who is all woman. The Dark Empress with a dick. Transsexualism is some otherworldly shit. I am an otherworldly bitch. One could say I am an alien. One could say I am the Aether pretending to be a person. One could say that I am deserving of devotion. Black Authoritarian, that is why I am an Empress.