The Strip is everything awesome and everything terrible about America on a single street. There is something about American Maximalism that I find endearing. The Strip is completely lit even in the middle of the fucking day. Everything is outsized, because volume is a wealth signifier in America. Taste, is another matter. Hoeing is tolerated. Legal is a stretch. Tolerated is more appropriate. The wealth inequality is visible and staggering. Thousands of homeless people live underneath those glittering casinos that generate revenue in an hour that could immediately reverse the fortunes of all those homeless people, but inhumanity is a central tenet of Capitalism. 

Las Vegas has changed quite a bit, becoming significantly more interesting than The Strip itself. Immigrant populations from the world over live here now, and this otherwise dismal part of the country is all the better for it. I am here for business, which is entertainment. I traveled the United States and Canada with an electronic music producer for three years. Las Vegas is one of the frequent stops on the American Circuit. New York. Los Angeles. Chicago. San Francisco. Miami. Vegas. You get the idea. 

The Strip is 4.2 miles of cocaine. There is a roller coaster, replica Statue of Liberty, Empire State and Chrysler building. There is a replica Eiffel Tower. The Luxor Hotel is a fucking glittering black pyramid. The sky turns from day to dusk to night inside of Caesar’s Palace. Shows. Lights. Buffets. Fountains. Restaurants. Nonstop amusements. There was several years where Las Vegas attempted to rebrand as family friendly. Yeah, right. The Strip is the Disneyland for Middle America, and a thick slice of American Decadence for a hedonistic bitch like me. 

I have a lot more to say about Vegas. I will add more to this story.