What to do in a world that prefers you dead. Literally. Actually. The crime is that you exist in the first place. As if there were a choice in the matter. Knowing what I know now, if I had the choice, I might strongly consider skipping this life shit altogether. Here I am though. A Black transsexual. An Androgyne bitch. I am the Source. I am primordial. Bitches like me have been here before. We remain here now. We will be here long after I have passed on to the Great Beyond. You cannot stop an existence you cannot understand. That does not stop this world from trying its hardest though. Wiping bitches out like its normal though. 300 or so, this year alone. 

So it is and so it goes. We soldier on. We endure. We evolve. I want it to be known from every corner of my heart that I love you all. Fuck survive, transsexuals are thriving in this bitch. We are the distant past and the future in this bitch. There is not a single thing that those who are against us can do about that shit.