The High Priestess of Hell says—darling, your questions require answers through direct experience. Experience begins with a Breath. Awakening into luminous reality may occur in the momentary throb between any two breaths. Between the inward and outward flow lies a flash of joy. Between the inward and outward flow, there is emptiness—the Source of all life. The essence of life carries on its play through the inward and outward movement. This ceaseless rhythm is terrifying in its eternity.

Inhalation sustains life. Exhalation purifies life. We breathe out old air, old feelings and old thoughts. These are the two poles between which respiration goes on unceasingly. Between them is every quality one could desire. As breath turns, it absorbs intensity. Breath flows in—drink eternity. Breath flows out—offering itself to infinity. In cherishing these moments, the mind dissolves into the heart and the heart dissolves into space. The body becomes a shimmering field pulsating between fullness and emptiness.

Black Saturday

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