All about her fitness. An All American woman. Her hair is bright and sunny like Los Angeles, California. Elise smells like generational wealth and looks the part. Catch her on Instagram working out with celebrities. I suppose that is interesting although I am not interested. Conventionally attractive, but somehow still interesting? Am I overthinking it? Is it the bulbous tits? Maybe the heart shaped ass? The devastating legs? Am I that shallow? A product of my Eurocentric beauty standard environment? 

Probably. Fuck it. That ass is something to see. Those tits are speaking to me. Most important, Elise is down to worship. I am the Empress that she serves. Black is what she deserves. Silently cheer her on while lives her best Caucasian life. Do that privileged shit. All good by me. Elise keeps those reparations coming every first of the week. 

Plus she is an undercover freak. Fuck me with your hands around my neck until I can barely breathe. Treat me like the filthy slut I am. Empress, fuck me more. Then she returns to the surface. There she is. Do your thing Elise. Sell the fucking dream. Be an angel in a city full of demons.

Black Saturday

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