Initiation involves an extensive psychological process, the intent of which is to manufacture synthetically constructed perspectives of choice. Both the subjective (the internal process of consciousness) and the objective (the external result of consciousness) are the inherent rules of form that shape initiation. The ability to see what others do not within the same environment is our key to power. To do, results in the ability to see. It is through sight that we see what is to be done, and it is through Will that the choices to do are made.

There must be a motive to provoke the desire for the construction of a new personal matrix. Dissatisfaction with our current state of being is a primary catalyst. Those without the need to change themselves will die as they lived, for those already satisfied, attempts at change results in an artifice and shallowness that is readily apparent.

Expansion results from the understanding and application of what is learned by perceiving the objective and subjective universe in new and unique ways. It begins with the destruction of the psychological constructs of the culture and society we are born into. This is not an abandonment of the society that we occupy, it is a sidestep, a clear evaluation. Typically, people accept the society and culture they are born in with little to no question of it. It is ingrained from birth, and the Left Hand Path demands all constructions be evaluated on their own merits to determine their usefulness for the development of the individual.

Expansion is movement away from a point. The first point Left Hand Path initiates move away from is the cognitive platform that has influenced us. Subsequent understand is built upon what initiates create from the clean slate of internal and external experience. We cannot change without action. The proper action(s) are the result of becoming more aware and realizing something needs to be done on a personal level and acting accordingly. This is the Key. This is the Path.


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