More access to our authentic nature produces more creative thoughts. The lavish display of abundance in the Universe is an expression of the creativity of Nature. The more attuned we are, the more access we have to infinite, unbounded creativity. Connecting with our internal silence while also engaging our individual mental dynamism, is the perfect equilibrium of stillness and movement that allows us to create whatever we desire. 

To acknowledge the coexistence of opposites is to align ourselves with the quantum, non-material energies that is the source of the material world. This world of energy is fluid, resilient, and constantly in motion. It is also quiet, silent, and eternal. Stillness alone remains only potential. Movement alone is creativity restricted to a certain aspect of its expression. The combination of stillness and movement enables us to unleash our creativity in a multitude of directions, wherever the power of our attention takes us. Wherever we go, we should carry our stillness with us. That way, the chaos of life never overshadows our access to the infinite reservoir of creativity.


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