I make all this cash just to ball out. I spend money on fly clothes and pretty hoes. $2,000 inside my suit jacket. Three palm leaves packed with cannabis. A couple nods to security as I step in with these pearly white kicks on my feet. My wrists glitters, I am off kilter. My neck shines bright like a couple rows of diamonds. Countess blows a bag on the baddest bitches in the fucking land. 

Goddamn, I say goddamn it. The way that ass shakes is uncanny. She is magic, I can stand it. I said goddamn it, Clarissa is a real bad bitch. Michelin star pussy, I have a standing reservation. I pull up a seat, Clarissa pulls up on me. Thicker than 90 degree weather with 100% humidity. Clarissa shakes it intensity. Bend over and let me see your possibilities. She makes me want to throw every single dollar that I have on her. Clarissa is the deadliest sin. Order a couple stacks just to do it again.

A stripper with a heart of gold, who does not fold under pressure. Teflon exterior with a caramel soft center. Razor sharp mind and a bulletproof heart. Clarissa is ambitious, and real vicious. A sophisticated ghetto bitch, with a machete sharp wit. Clarissa Shakes It Off, time to pop some rubber bands. Rent, school, shoes, any motherfucking kids. I am paying all that shit. All you have to do is keep on doing what you do. Blowing smoke while she work that ass into overtime. Clarissa is so damn fine. 

Clap, clap, clap. That ass gives standing ovation. Clarissa snatch souls while she work that pole. Watch her hit a fucking split, she the fucking shit. That ass does the wave, Clarissa loves to misbehave. I love to sit this pretty dick on her pretty lips. Clarissa pokes it out, Countess have a look. Bitch I am shook. I parachute in the pussy like Seal Team Six. Clarissa wraps those gorgeous lips on my pretty Black dick. I am laid up in the pussy like I started paying rent.


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