To enjoy the benefits of infinite potentiality, to make full use of the creativity which is inherent in unfiltered consciousness, we have to access it. One method is through practicing silence daily. Spending time with Nature is also useful. Practicing silence means making a commitment to take time everyday to simply Be. Experiencing silence means occasionally withdrawing from the activity of speech, listening to music, or reading a book.

Never providing the opportunity to experience silence creates turbulence in our internal dialogue. Set aside time each day to experience silence. Initially, your internal dialogue will become more turbulent. There is an intense desire to speak. A kind of insanity occurs. In due course, the internal dialogue begins to quiet. Inevitably, the mind gives up. The silence becomes profound. Here, we experience stillness. Through meditation, we can learn to experience the field of silence and awareness. In that field is the ultimate ground of creation where everything is connected to everything else.


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