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Honeycomb is bad one, High Priestess and business owner. An Island woman who thrives in Paradise City. Oh shit, she is super thick. Caribbean + Japanese, a practicing Buddhist. Can I slide between your knees, and taste enlightenment between your legs? You are one audacious Countess, I am Jasmine, pleased to meet you. I reply the pleasure is all mine while I bask at her thighs. Jasmine is thicker than gumbo, oatmeal, even fast drying concrete. I want to reorganize her insides.

Real smart, Jasmine is into art and shit. That nose real cute. Her hair looks soft, and smells great too. Head meet high heels that have me over the moon. Something about Jasmine feels otherworldly. I mean the ass sit nice. I mean the tits do too. Stacked like the International House of Pancakes. I want to clean her whole plate. I want to see the look on her face when she arrives at that place where Heaven and Earth intersect. Where time no longer exists. Where there is only bliss. 

It started with a kiss, but we progress quickly. Jasmine is a bad bitch who is not shy. All that ass with knee high socks on. Jasmine wraps those lips on my transsexual dick. The Little Death is a lot of fun. Her body is so fucking rad. Jasmine has an ass that is not of this world. Extraterrestrial pussy with the gravitational pull of a black hole and I want to feel the whole thing. Almost put me in a hearse when she put it in reverse. Better think twice and hold on for dear life. Then again, drowning in the pussy is the best way to go. I am prepared to risk it all, lets get this show on the road.