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This is that International Space Station shit. Flower drizzled with some shit that will get you higher than that. Sprinkled with hash that will smoke you into another dimension entirely. Roll a couple. Turn the bullshit down, and arch that thick ass up. Jenna has a hearty ass like a bowl of gumbo in the winter time. Jenna is all seasons fine. Bend it over, she looks back. Side to side, front to back. Baby blues and Black dick. Her mouth is hungry. That pussy is eager. 

Saliva drips as she patiently waits. She knows what it is, Jenna knows the pussy is mine, her pussy divine. Jenna loves being owned, she loves being mine. Slim thick with her big mouth. Jenna inhales this dick like it is the last meal that she will ever have. A firm grip on the base, sports bra and dick appointment shorts. Jenna is here to play. Her pussy is my dessert. I dive in headfirst. I clean the whole plate.

Jenna throws that ass like a shovel pass. She works it really well. She loves it balls deep. Jenna yells fuck me Blackwell. I smack her ass, and it ripples like skipping rocks across a pond. Her pussy is a taste of the beyond. Her ass jiggles with every stroke. A firm grip while I get it in. This dick makes her legs quiver and her knees weak. I have as much pussy as I want. A second serving is crucial, Countess Blackwell is the truth bitch. 


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