It is the presence of Space that produces function. Clay is molded into a vessel. It is the empty Space that produces function of a vessel. Doors and windows are carved out to make a room. It is the empty Space in the room that produces its function. The substantial is beneficial. The emptiness of the void is what can be used.

The five colors can blind our eyes. The five tones can deafen our ears. The five flavors can dull our taste buds. The pursuit of pleasure can derange us. The hard to get can distort our behavior. The wise balance themselves between the spiritual and the material. Between vice and virtue. No repression. No addiction.

Honor and disgrace can surprise a person. The greatest distress lies in our physics body. Honor is inferior, because those who win its favor are afraid of losing it. Those who lose its favor are frightened with distress. Fear exists because we worry about our physical well being. Those who love the world as much as they love themselves can be entrusted with ruling it.

What cannot be seen is called the invisible. What cannot be heard is called the inaudible. What cannot be touched is called the intangible. These three cannot be examined or comprehended, and are instead, combined as one. This oneness is not much brighter than the sky, and not much dimmer than the earth. It is everlasting and cannot be named. She is the original void of Nothing. She is vague and formless. By abiding with Her, one can master the present. Those who know Her, shall receive Her teaching and guidance.


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