A living doll who does it all. A whole lot of fun with a whole bag of tricks. Becky with the curly bob, who wears nerd glasses, and knee socks, has an irresistible ass and intoxicating smile. She glances between my legs. There is a hunger in her eyes. She gets right to it, there is a lot to take, a lot to handle. Becky is up to the challenge, ready to rise to the occasion. Becky has some demon in her, and tattoos on her skin. You know what it is. She knows what to do. She cradles the balls. She’s stroking it too. 

Becky has a nice mouth, and she wants me to use it. I dive in, cradle her neck and get to work. Different speeds and depths, slow it down, speed it up. Her throat is local treasure. I cannot get enough. Becky tells me that any time is a great one. I am a VIP. The first, and the last to come. She can nut while I stroke her mouth, Becky plays with herself. 

Her head is a work of art. The Frick Collection called, and it is easy to ascertain why. Look at her. Look at those pretty eyes. Look at her go to work. Becky pulls up with cannabis tucked in her miniskirt. We chat, we laugh, we become better acquainted. Then we get back to business. Becky bends over, I am with it. That arch is a sight to behold. Her pussy is heavenly too. Paradise is between her thighs. 

Becky sucks an incredible dick. I eat up pretty well myself. She is a delicious feast. Her body is an amusement park. I have a season pass so Becky will ride me for as long as I can ask for, or rather handle. She arch her back, and says Daddy, do what you must. Imagine my luck, Becky is one incredible fuck. Sex is a sport, but Becky ain’t playing. Bring that A+, fuck her until she is comatose, whoops, dick overload.


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