One day, The Goddess sang to her Lover. Beloved and radiant Empress of Space, the Revealer. The Destroyer of ignorance that binds us. You, while playing created the Universe, and permeates all forms. I wonder—I have been listening to the songs of creation, yet I remain curious. What is this delight filled Universe that we find ourselves birthed into? What is this mysterious awareness? What are these instinctive energies that undulate through our bodies, spurring us into action? 

And matter, out of which our forms are made—what are these dancing particulars of radiance? An illusion? What is the power we call Life, appearing as the play of flesh and breath? How may I know this mystery? How may I penetrate more deeply? Beloved, my attention is ensnared by a myriad of forms. Lead me into wholeness beyond all of these parts. She who holds the mysteries in Her hand of Will, Action, and Knowledge. Reveal to me the Path of Illumination. Lead me into joyous union with the Universe. Teach me that I may know fully, realize deeply, and bask in the beauty of it. 

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