How is She real. How is this life? A dark Dominican Goddess with an ass that is multidimensional. Her ass disrupts the spacetime continuum. You could say Lola has gravitational pull. You could say that I am mesmerized. You could say that I will shed a tear of joy the moment I am inside of her. Like, the second I put the tip in, the waterworks will begin. The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe. A whole lot of ass and deep strokes. A demon with a deep throat. Snatched waist, a short bun, and cute nails. Lola allows me in, now I never want to leave. Lock me in the pussy, and throw away the key.

I am unsure what I am in for, but I aim to find out. Lola is nice with a blade, and skilled with a gun. I should probably come correct before I end up done. Or end up dead. She is a solider, and that is not a metaphor to underscore her sense of loyalty. Lola was actually in the fucking French army. She blows me away with quite the display. Lola drops into a split with a katana in her hand—a masterclass in swordsmanship with exceptional tits. She is a bad bitch that could skewer me, and slow roast my corpse for however long it would take to do that kind of thing to an adult human body. Macabre, no doubt. I am really turned on right now.

I am in the Zone, an Alpha State if you will. Total focus, and complete control. Lola hands me the keys, she tells me step on the gas. She crawls over with her ass out. Several whacks makes her body shiver. Those cheeks blush, and them thighs are stocky. My dick is cocky—cute, thick, and ergonomic. The Perfect Fit for Goddess pussy. Babylon Blackwell, the Mother of Courtesans, though they call me Daddy while I slide in and out. Without a doubt, she came, and I conquered. Hannibal Blackwell, I claim this pussy in the name of myself.

Erotic Acrobat, call me a Ringmaster. A Mistress of Blowing Backs Out, Blackwell is a wild bitch. I fuck three times like it is clockwork. It is easy for me. That is why bottoms always see about me. They love being filled up, stretched out, and pounded into submission. I am more than willing to oblige. Lola bends over then offers me a smile. Sex is transcendent. I activate all of her chakras, our energy is electric. We lay up in a cocoon of bliss where time no longer exists.


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