$100,000 in the briefcase. Four figures for the tailored suit. The cleanest bitch walking down the street. The bitches choose—yeah, this bitch is smooth. Countess Blackwell, Ms. Moneybags with a lot of cash. She a pretty bitch with a lot of ass. Caroline performs magic tricks at the best Goddess temple in the city. Have you seen the one where that ass moves while she is posed in still life? Have you ever seen this much money on the floor in one night?

It is the most wonderful time of the day where I tip my favorite whores. $100 dollar handshakes like Jimmy Conway in Goodfellas. I am gentlewoman who loves aggressive women. That is why whores are my personal favorite. I build one hell of a collection. I pay them all. I spread the wealth. The first $100 captures her attention. The second, she finds intriguing. The third, she begins to listen. I love how this is unfolding. They are so goddamn fine, the prettiest girls in the fucking world. That is why I spend all of these bands. I am materialistic. Caroline is bratty and spoiled, that seems about accurate. 

Butterflies from that ass to her shoulders. That ass working overtime, Caroline is hella fine. Red bone is her skin tone. She work that ass for the fun of it. And for the check of course. Caroline throw that neck of course. 100 racks in a calendar year. Her hustle is deadly. Do not ask how she get it, unless you are willing to find out. The answer is on the other side of a deposit. Posing in front beautiful images, but she is the artwork. 5’5” with a big ole ass and nice smile. Her tits sit, her waist snatched, that shit is wild. 

Caroline shake her ass with a mix of grace and tenacity. A contortionist who can hit a split without flinching. Caroline grabs those ankles without blinking. Show me what you got Queen Daddy. $10,000 on the table. Your move. I love to watch you move, tell me how to spend it. Caroline says I like you too. What do you do for fun? I said, rendezvous with bad hoes like you. This is where the magic happens. Her body control is ridiculous. Caroline spins and twirls in sky high heels that stop at mid thigh. That arch tells no lies. I know a demon when I see one.

Sign of the Cross to the deity before me. So much money in the sky that it is pouring. I can watch Caroline work all day. I am mesmerized and she is unrelenting. Caroline reveals all the ways that she can bend, the more that I spend. I see where this is going and Caroline is there with me. Beat the pussy like a crash dummy during a safety test where the vehicle is going 65 miles an hour. Caroline has no idea what she is in for. I play to win and I play for keeps. Demon dick while she does that pliable shit. Caroline works that ass in a split, she twerk that ass on this dick.

Caroline is a Flashdance hoe, a throwback to the era that I was born in. Leotards and leg warmers. Caroline is modern though. She bends over and drops it low, watch her move that ass from every single angle. She throws it back when I ask. She sucks my dick with her ass up. Her friend is here and she is down too. Good thing I have enough dick for both of you. Here is to a busy night ahead. We take an intermission for water and cannabis. 

Then I am back to it. There are pussies to fill, faces to fuck, back shots to give. Countess love these hoes. The more that I give them, the more that they want. Bottoms are an insatiable lot. One blonde, one brunette. Both Black, we have great sex. All the orgasms I can deliver, I give it all that I got. Blonde is smoked out, relaxed, all propped up to be feasted on. Caroline gets right to it, eating the pussy like an entree. Next up is dick dessert. Fishnets ripped where the pussy is. Easy access is required. Caroline licks while I pound, blonde is on another level. That is three girls, two balls, one dick, and six tits. This tran shit is a fucking trip.