The Way can be infused into our Nature and be used without exhaustion. It is as deep and subtle as the abyss that is the origin of All. It is complete—able to resolve confusion, and improve harmony. The Way is profound, but invisible. It exists anywhere and everywhere. I do not know what came before Her. She is before Heaven and Earth. Nature nurtures All with the wholeness of virtue. She reveals auspicious kindness by allowing life to grow and accomplish. 

Earth is enduring. Heaven is everlasting. Earth endures and Heaven lasts because they do not exist for themselves. Hence, they live forever. The Space between Heaven and Earth is like the bellows—it appears empty yet provides a supply that never fails. The more it moves, the more it brings forth. A lot of words leads to exhaustion. It is better to center the true essence within. The Spirit is immortal. She is of a mystical nature. She is regarded as the Root of the Universe. She is everlasting and cannot be consumed.


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