Public Service Announcement

I love you all. I mean that. It ain’t easy for a bitch like me to feel a sense of belonging and community. This ever growing collection of whores, witches, queer/trans/non-binary people and other outlaws and outcasts of American society, provides that for me. Brave, hilarious, brilliant, beautiful, compassionate—I am inspired by all of you everyday. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all you. I legitimately burst into tears of gratitude while writing this. I do not survive the last three years without you. From every inch of my heart, thank you.

It is a cold and difficult world for a woman like me as countless other black trans women on here (and beyond) have articulated. The very real possibility of Death is so omnipresent, I centered my entire spiritual practice around it. It has been a brutal and beautiful process healing myself from the relentless traumas I have endured as a black masculine woman living in America. Many of you reading this who have dealt with your own traumas can most certainly relate.

So, here is the deal. Despite my best efforts to this point, I have yet to find a vanilla job that will pay me a sustainable wage. The search continues, but the hustle does not stop. Truly, I want to be able to write and produce content full time. I have limitless talent and several incredible ideas that simply require time and a budget. If I can consistently make a few hundred dollars producing content, I can do so full time. If you fuck with Countess Blackwell, the brand and the bitch, here is how you can help make that possible.

Most important (and the easiest to do) is share my content. The more my audience grows, the more chances I have to secure clients, patrons, and sponsors. Make an appointment or recommend me to someone. I am wise counsel on intimate, strategic, spiritual and practical concerns. Buy one of my products (advertised on my social media platforms). Lastly, (and equally as important as the first), is donate. I am a hoe so my mindset is this—I am an adult entertainer and social media is my stage. I write about occult shit, focusing on Left Hand Path traditions. I write bawdy erotic folk tales because they make me laugh. I write about being a transsexual whore. And I have narrative projects I am beginning that I want to eventually turn into short, surrealist porn films.

If any (or all) of this sounds rad to you, please consider dropping me $1 or more if you have it. More dough allows me to put on a better show, and I am 111% committed to putting on the best fucking show that I possibly can every fucking day I am alive from here out. I am also on the look out for potential sponsors, so if you (or someone you know) has a spare bag, e-mail me at A bespoke Countess Blackwell Experience awaits as a token of my deepest gratitude.

Thank you again. I love you all.

Countess Blackwell


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