All done up, body like the Swiss Alps, those slopes and curves leave me lost for words. Make sure I have a front row seat while Hannah flips those beats. I inhale hashish, Rosé in my other hand. Hannah has the function live as hell like she always do. Tan always on point, you know how it is. They let you know when they with the shits. Hannah is on her bimbo shit without shame, Jessica Rabbit as a Human Being. An hourglass with otherworldly ass and bespoke tits, a real bespoke bitch. 

All class outdoors, the savage come out when the Countess pulls up. A Goddess who enjoys being defaced, use me however you wish, do what thou wilt. Magic words in Blackwell world, hands around her neck when I Michael Phelps. Swimming in the pussy like I am the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time. Hannah says the pussy mine. I am her little secret, please believe it, that pristine image requires around the clock maintenance. When the sun rises, we are no longer acquainted. 

At least, that is what it looks like. Reality is, Hannah steady sending me reminders that I am on her mind and how she wants me between those thighs. On tilt, she is well built, and real sweet, generous, and compassionate too. It is amazing what people show you when no one is watching. In the booth, Hannah is the truth, in the sheets, she only has eyes for me. That is what it is and what continues to be.


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