Seven Cosmic Laws

The Law Of Orderly Trend—There is always Order in the Cosmos, from the sun to the atoms. From the highest to the lowest. Mind, energy, and matter. There is no Chance, Disorder, and Inharmony in the Cosmos.

The Law Of Analogy—There is an agreement and correspondence between all the numerous forms of manifestation. What applies to the atom, applies to the sun. What applies to the amoeba applies to humankind, and beings beyond humankind. What applies to the mind, applies to matter, and energy. To understand one is to understand All. As Above, So Below. Ex Uno disce Omnes—From One know All. 

The Law Of Sequence—Simply known as Cause and Effect. Nothing occurs by Chance. Nothing occurs without preceding and subsequent manifestations. Everything has a Before and After. Nothing stands alone, independent of what has gone before, nor can anything escape from acting upon what comes after. Everything proceeds from something and is succeeded by something.

The Law Of Rhythm—Everything is in constant vibration. Upon this fact depends the variety, degrees, states and conditions of the manifestations of the Cosmos. Everything is in constant vibration—mental, physical, and spiritual. To continue Vibration is to control all forces in the Universe. 

The Law Of Balance—The explanation for universal equilibrium, balance and compensation, observed in all of the manifestations in the Cosmos. Everything has an opposite to balance it. Everything has its compensation. Everything has a Cosmic price. An understanding of the Law Of Balance, can be found the Secret of Power and Poise. 

The Law Of Cyclicality—Everything moves in circles. The wise convert the circular trend of all things into spirals to attain and advance. 

The Law Of Opposites—The wonderful fact of Nature that all things have an opposite. All is and is not, at the same time. Every thesis has an antithesis. Everything is a paradox. Opposites are similar in the end—contradictions can be reconciled. In this Cosmic Law is found the fact that diametrically opposed things mental, physical, and spiritual, are in reality different poles of the same thing.