Blackwell’s Angel

Olga is her name, where she from, I have not a clue. The Eastern Bloc most likely, where the Fourth Reich is trying to crank up. She is not about that life, she has a real pleasant voice, collagen inspired lips, she is a real spicy bitch. Olga walks like she has everywhere to be, money to make, money to spend, souls to snatch, hearts to break. With a finger in her mouth, she has a look in her eye. There is switch that can be flipped, I want access to the launch code, that ass is out of this world, her hips are extraterrestrial. 

Platinum blonde like Farrah Fawcett, Blackwell’s Angel in the making, the pussy feels like a vacation, know what I mean? Her ass is obscene, that walk is so rude. Olga knows she is a bad bitch, beautiful in all aspects, the bimbo who has jokes. She pulls up, I play it cool, just kidding. I say she is the baddest bitch in the fucking room, which is fucking true. Olga is really scorching like global warming. Is it Heaven or Los Angeles? Depends on how terrible traffic is. 

I roll it up, we burn it down, the story takes a desirable direction. With no discussion, Olga is pulling at my buttons. Oops there goes my jeans, oh, there goes her mouth. She inhales the whole thing with a smile, that shit is wild. Spit shine on the Goddess Dick, Olga knows how to handle me. Saliva glistens off her lips, chin, and cheeks. A good girl with a great throat, Olga goes all the way, her gag reflex pulls the trigger. She refocuses and pushes through, I am higher than the International Space Station.

The name is Satan though I suppose Countess is more appropriate. The deal with me is Catch and Release. Provide Olga with thrill she wants, dick her down until she feels drunk, she heads back into the Los Angeles streets feeling better than ever. Devil dick does the pussy great, I bring the demon out a pretty bitch, Countess Blackwell is an exorcist.


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