The Offering

I am a living deity. I am treated accordingly. She presents me with an offering. Honestly. Truly. A lithe blonde, all legs and designer clothes. She loves to snort a little coke, you know how that shit goes. One night, while serving as High Priestess, she presents me with an offer that I dare not refuse. 

A really bad bitch wearing really cute shoes. Her hair is real short, but those tits are ample. Ocean blue eyes are real pretty too. Teeth whiter than the complexion of her fucking skin, she is a fucking sin, auditioning to be my new hellion.  Hello, hello, Countess Blackwell, I’m pleased to meet you. 

She tells me her name is Chelsea. Goddamn bitch, you healthy. By that I mean, attractive, she giggles and says, “You too.” This is excellent fucking news. Then it gets even better when her lithe blonde friend gives Chelsea a lurid twirl, revealing a slice of cake underneath a pleated skirt. I glance at both of them and say, “This’ll work.” 

The next scene unfolds at the Salon, where Countess Blackwell, referring to herself in the third person cause I fucking feel like it, burns it down, and fools around with pretty girls with bubble asses and cute smiles. Chelsea and friend come in, come in, please make yourselves at home. 

Friend this is my fucking Hellhound, the coolest bitch around. She shake that ass for the cash, y’all will get along. Chelsea and I are going to get better acquainted. Hellhound and the Friend become friendly quick. After a couple blunts had by all, shit gets intimate. 

Chelsea and I slide to the back, I’m about to slide into her. Hands all over my dick and bee sting tits. Dive in her pussy head first like an Olympian, its time to get it in. Chelsea writhes and moans—come once, now twice, third time is the fucking charm. She is pulling at my jeans as we heavy pet, pussy wet, time to get it up cause its time to fuck. Chelsea lays on her back, I lay in those guts. Her pussy is a slippery slope, a little taste, and now I want more. She cranes her legs back, guess we on the same page. I have a lot of dick, and I love to feed the greedy. Yes Countess, pound me out Empress, Chelsea orgasms until transcends consciousness.

Time stops while Chelsea is on top. She ride the dick like an equestrian bitch. Used to play softball and those thighs are athletic. She is going for the gold, Chelsea is fucking to win. She put her hands around my neck while her pussy swallow my dick. We collapse in a heap, I put the pussy to sleep. She says I’m glad that we met, I’d say I have to agree. Shout out to great friends who want me to fuck their friends. After a few hours of sleep, we wake up to fuck again.


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