Hair of a fallen angel. Eyes of a Siren. The Spirit of Athena. A willing Muse. A reluctant, but highly competent leader. Sharp claws and a forked tongue. Lilith is a slight to behold. Delicate lips, messy blonde hair, sculptural legs wrapped in thigh high socks. Scars. Creaks. Bruises. Glacial eyes. Snarling lips. The Dark Maiden, blossoming, blossoming. 

Goddess is a beautiful woman, in a beautiful park. Hallie has an undeniable soul, an unbreakable spirit, and a body that leaves Me breathless. She is a Matisse painting with the tits of Demeter and the hips of Persephone. A mermaid singing melodies to drown in. Though the unknown may lead to madness, She is a pleasure I cannot deny. I want to have another glimpse. I want to know what happens next.

Crimson lips. Crimson leaves. Crimson dress below her knees. She waits. She crawls. The Patient has patience, what a tangled web that we weave from luxurious and licentiousness fabric. Debase me. Deface me. The Patient has questions. A curious Cat, with five lives left at least. How far will she go? Beauty expose herself to the Beast.

We devour each other beneath soft lighting. Our breath is shallow. Our bodies are Instagram filtered. Lilith is so Art Deco. Lilith is my National Anthem. She is in love with love. She is in love with us. She is becoming, becoming. Lilith is a bullet with butterfly wings. She is becoming, becoming. The girl who was once loved is now the Goddess who is now feared.


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