The Game

Power is essentially amoral and one of the most important skills to ac­quire is the ability to see circumstances rather than good or evil. Power is a game—this cannot be repeated too often, and in games you do not judge your opponents by their intentions but by the effect of their actions. You measure their strategy and their power by what you can see and feel. How often are someone’s intentions made the issue only to cloud and deceive. What does it matter if another person, your friend or enemy, intended good things and had only your interests at heart, if the effects of his action lead to so much ruin and confusion? It is only natural for people to cover up their actions with all kinds of justifications, always assuming that they have acted out of goodness. You must learn to inwardly laugh each time you hear this and never get caught up in gauging someone’s intentions and actions through a set of moral judgments that are really an excuse for the accumu­lation of power. Power is a social game. To leam and master it, you must develop the ability to study and understand people.


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