Her name is Raven. Her skin is a shimmering bronze, a gentle breeze mixed with salt and sand. Sun loved, sun kissed—melanin is a magician. Bright smile, dreads flowing down her back dancing in the wind. Time is nonexistent and money is no object. Raven is a whole lot of woman. She knows this too. Carries a whole lot of ass and she shows it too. Lil’ Momma has some beast in her.

Raven is a charming woman, discreet and courteous. She dances in a manner that is uncanny and dreamlike, stirring the hearts and genitalia of countless in awe of Her majesty. Good gracious, those tits are bodacious. Her body rolls with the ease of clouds, that pussy pops to the rhythm of the tides. Thick hips switch, traffic stops on command. Raven hustles like a cheetah, ones scatter all over the floor. Where is my cash at? I wonder out loud. I hand her a couple stacks, I tell her to live a little. She responds with a giggle. 

Who should I compare Her, this lovely woman, so blessed by the Divine Intelligence of Nature herself, if not to a Siren? Raven possesses an attraction so magnetic she destroys all who are not careful with her. The aimless ship and the clueless man often meet a similar fate. With her wondrous beauty and hidden genius, Raven has the ability of emptying the entire contents of wallets with nary a word. Even better, one is left with the intoxicating feeling Raven has done them a favor.

She is reborn by the end of her shift. By flirting with Darkness, Raven dances with Death. The Goddess who performs miracles on Her knees. Eyes of a beast. Jaws of a succubus. Enrapturing beautiful women is a great pleasure, a process that is endlessly repeatable. Satisfied with my initial success, I am inspired to continue on. Nothing can restrain my desire. There is no limit to my amorousness—for I dream of tasting women from every corner of Earth. 


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