Nicole and I met because of the Internet. Twitter to be exact. She jumps into my DM, and we instantly become friends. A lucky Libra with talons for nails and a cool demeanor. Nicole has a whole lot of body, she is a whole lot of thick. The succubus with blonde hair and blue eyes. She walks where the dead rest, we are the weirdos Mister. Nicole is a fallen angel who fell in love with the dark side. Her calves are stout, her thighs are too—Nicole is 5’2” with ass and attitude.

Three stacks lined up, I am rubber band Blackwell. Its all about the Benjamins although Hamilton can stay. Harriet over Jackson everyday, but his racist ass spends like the rest of them. Dead and Green Presidents is my political affiliation. The State does not represent me, nor does it care to. Cash rules everything, and I feel like a million dollars because her mouth deserves a fucking Oscar. Her pussy is a Rhodes scholar.

She worships the ground I walk on, she serves with honor and distinction. The call is coming from the inside, I have a mole in the midst. By the time you see what I have done, it will be too late. A fist full of blonde, her pussy occupied with a firm grip on her neck. While fucking Nicole from behind, her entire being is mine. I want what I want, and she is happy to oblige me. Pliable and undeniable, Nicole hits a split for her next trick, that’s real heretic witch shit.

Nicole is a Magician. She was a cheerleader, a real team player. She likes them dark as night, she loves them ball players, cocaine rappers, and ghetto stud bitches. Nicole loves that ghetto shit, she worship ghetto dick. She is the opposite. Nicole is a suburban hoe with generational wealth on some Gone With The Wind shit. Young Scarlett O’Hara, her grandmother had mammies. The family business had zero labor costs and no union protections. They never got it honest, why you think they try and hide it? Revenge is a dish served with back shots and reparations. From above average to transcendent, she is my pretty whore. Beyond bullshit and propaganda, Nicole left her world behind to join mine. And I am not done, there is more where that came from.


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