Proper Introduction

Empress Countess Blackwell, Mother Of Succubi

Mastermind. Annihilator. Masculine Woman. Sexual High Priestess.


Countess is a strange and intoxicating mix of feminine and masculine qualities. There is something primordial about her—a vascular, birdlike frame, dark skin, and piercing eyes. A Warrior Goddess. Countess is androgynous, ambiguity in the flesh. It is Her paradoxical nature that intrigues and stirs interest, piercing the veil of suppressed desires in the women who find themselves inexplicably drawn to her. Countess Blackwell is an embodiment of liberation at the intersection of the sacred and the profane. Countess radiates a magnetic and forbidden sexual energy. She is a firm, but nurturing Matriarch, a gorgeous display of eloquence, cleverness, and luxury. She exalts love, pleasure, and the transformational potential and power of sex above all else. 

—As described by a paramour.


Countess Blackwell is a reclamation project. For countless years, esoteric traditions around the world have been co-opted, repackaged and resold, often with little to zero regard to those responsible for the Creation of it. I am here to change that. I have studied numerous esoteric traditions, zeroing in on the Left Hand Path, and other Matriarchal spiritual practices that continue to have an archaic and predominantly white face. I am shifting the paradigm, I am merging the distant past with the tumultuous present. Countess Blackwell is teaching and disseminating the The Left Hand both publicly and privately. 

Training women in a militarized version of the Sexual Arts, transforming these women into Weaponized Femmes—perfectly calibrated seduction machines, taught to seduce and destroy wealthy men, acquiring vast sums of their wealth for the purposes of enriching themselves and redistributing the bounty to other women, particularly the most marginalized.


Mastermind Consultations—Hours are 6am to 2pm Monday through Friday.  I am a Goddess Of Sex and War. A wise counsel on intimate, strategic, and practical concerns. E-mail to schedule an appointment. 😈

Sexual High Priestess—I know what to do and I do it well. For the discerning woman who takes her pleasure seriously, prefers her encounters filthy, and enjoys being in the hands of a professional. Let’s play. For the Curious, Insatible, and Courageous. E-mail for inquiries.

Countess Blackwell is a multimedia entertainment experience. I produce content daily. I operate on a Pay What You Can model. There are four options below. Thank you for your support. 


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