The moment one is arrogant enough to believe they have achieved understanding, that which we call consciousness stagnates—like a cesspool, worms and stenches arise. The science of now is the superstition of tomorrow. The genius of today is the know nothing of tomorrow. As the universe evolves towards higher levels of consciousness—truth, wisdom, enlightenment, whatever one chooses to call it, changes with it. I am not. I am becoming. The Universe is not. She is becoming.

There is a commonality to all of the gods men have created. Every manmade god is static and unchanging. Yahweh resides in Heaven—unbending, unchanging, the Creator of the universe and all that it contains. Christ sits at the right hand of God prepared to judge the living and the dead. Zeus resides at Mount Olympus holding the lightning bolt, his symbol of divine power. The values of society and the structure of its institutions are defined as good. That which threatens society is defined as evil. The definitions of good and evil change from nation to nation and from century to century. 

God is defined by that which is static and unchanging. That which is dynamic, a potential threat to the status quo such as war, revolution, social upheaval and political unrest, is represented by the Devil. Since the universe is dynamic and consciousness is becoming, then Satan more accurately reflects the true nature of God than Christ, Yahweh, or any other image of God which has been defined by man.


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