Social Intelligence

I love to see her go, I hate to watch her—

No. That does not sound right.

I like watching her go, I lust to see that ass bent at a 90 degree—

Focus Blackwell. Focus.

Loathe to see her go. Love to watch her walk away.

There it is. I knew I had something for this.

Holly slinks out of bed, tank top on, bottom out, cheeks rippling with each step to use the bathroom. Where to begin? Her lips, that skin, her ass, that waist, those hips—her tits! Holly is not a snack, she is a tasting menu. I adore the abundant cornucopia of women that the world has to offer, my appetite knows no limits, but black women are a particular dimension of sublime I am unable to articulate with words. I suppose there is some bias because I am a black woman, but seriously—have you SEEN black women? Have you basked in their Shea butter scented majesty?

Holly returns, at once composed and disheveled. Our time in the boudoir was—active, to be polite.

“Now, for my favorite part.” She says, sliding closer to me underneath the sheets until our thighs touch.

I narrow my eyes at her.

“The dick is exceptional Countess, we know this.” Holly adds, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “I love your stories though. They are insane.”

I am notorious for my stories from a life of chaos, violence and decadence, of which I have either been the protagonist or curious observer. Paramours clamor for them, often requesting, almost demanding new ones after each tryst. The answer is always yes.

Holly passes over an organic, hand rolled palm leaf filled with a gram of tobacco, hashish and marijuana.

“Tonight is about the Art of Social Intelligence.” I say after a few deep inhales from the palm leaf to really set the mood. 

“You have my undivided attention Ms. Blackwell.” Holly responds before enjoying a few inhales herself.

A milieu always forms around Stars—creatives, goddesses, charismatics, megalomaniacs, etc. Socialites, the bourgeois of a milieu, are in a precarious position: their influence depends on proximity to the Stars, but if they try to gain favor or attract attention, others notice and conspire against them. Even the most talented socialites, highly competent in the art of grace and subtlety, must protect themselves from those who are scheming to push them aside.

Social milieus are supposed to represent the creme de la creme of curation and refinement. Violence and other acts of aggression are frowned upon. That is the socialite dilemma: maintaining an elegant pose while being prepared to hand out a fade whenever necessary. The successful socialite learns how to maneuver indirectly. Instead of coercion or treachery, socialites depend on charm, and seduction, often planning several steps ahead. A milieu is a constant chess game that requires vigilance and strategic thinking. It is civilized war.

Holly passes over the palm leaf, which is nearly reaching the end, so she begins to fill another one while I continue on. 

In the modern world, life must have the appearance of being fair, civilized and meritocratic. In reality, lust, envy, greed, and hatred continue to rule. Outwardly, it is important to appear respectful to social mores, but internally, unless you are naive, it is essential to practice the art of indirection. People will bend to your will without realizing  it. Because they are unaware, they will not resist.

To many, the deliberate application of Social Intelligence, seems evil. They believe they can opt out of the realities that social milieus present by behaving in a manner that is inept. Others attempt to avoid participation by being blunt and straightforward. This only insults countless people, many of whom will return the favor. No one views honesty as completely objective and devoid of personal motivation.

It is foolish to dismiss the importance of being socially intelligent. The world is a grand scene and we must live in it. It is better to excel than argue, struggle, or complain about the inevitable. The more socially intelligent you are, the better person you become. Learning the proper machinations requires a shift in perspective and consistent practice. Essential skills are required, most important being the ability to master emotions. You cannot repress or avoid feeling emotions nor should you try. You should simply be judicious about how you express them.

Social Intelligence requires the ability to manipulate appearances. Deception and masquerade are not immoral as human interactions demands deception on numerous levels. With a flexible approach to appearances, including your own, you lack the heaviness that holds others down. 

“We should be intimate again after I finish this anecdote.” I say.

“No worries, I’ll be sitting on your dick in a few moments.” Holly answers.

Fair enough.

If deception is a weapon, patience is a shield. Patience protects us from making foolish mistakes. Half of being socially intelligent comes from what you do not do, what you do not allow yourself to be dragged into. Judge every action by what it will cost you. Apply this standard to everything, including whether to collaborate with others or come to their aid.

There are only 24 hours a day, and we only have so much energy to use. Never waste precious time or peace of mind on the affairs of others—that is too expensive. Social Intelligence requires the ability to study and understand people. To see the hidden motives behind actions is useful knowledge. Humans are infinitely complex, so never discriminate in terms of who you study.

“Was that to your liking?” I ask Holly after exhaling a plume of smoke into the space above her head. 

She did not say a word, straddling me as she said she would. I must be going now.

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