Age of Aquarius

Our present time is a critical moment where humanity is undergoing a process of transformation. Two essential factors are the basis of this transformation. The first is the slow, but steady destruction of the white supremacist patriarchal social, political, and religious paradigm that has dominated the Western world for hundreds of years. The second is the creation of new conditions of existence as a result of modern scientific and industrial discoveries. The ideas of the past, though half destroyed, remain powerful, and the ideas that will replace them are still in the process of being formed. The Modern Age represents a period of transition and anarchy.

It is to be determined what will evolve from this chaotic period. What is clear is that whichever lines the societies of the future are organized, they will formed by a new power—the last surviving sovereign force of the Modern Age, the power of crowds. On the ruins of countless ideas previously considered beyond discussion and the continual decaying of sources of authority that successive revolutions have eroded, the Crowd seems destined to absorb all others. While all our ancient beliefs are disappearing, and the former pillars of society are falling one by one, the Crowd is the only force that is on the ascent. The Modern Age is the Era of Crowds.


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