Countess Blackwell, I collect white pussy like Infinity Stones. What else is a King to do in a white supremacist world? Prop yourselves up on our backs, the jig is up. The gag is your women give the pussy up. The sweetest joy is an inaugurated member of the Dollhouse telling me that she renounced every single thing that she was raised with. Whiteness is a disease, and I am the Perfect Drug. The Antidote with a pretty black dick. I turn white women out, I teach them how to do tricks. Open sesame, I fill her mouth up, Alice responds with a smile. Having her mind, body, and soul under the control of a Black Goddess is the best thing to happen to Alice, according to her. 

She is my Right Hand, Alice recruits others, to fuck with the winning team and receive a new perspective. The Supremacy is over, the women are jumping ship, the best ones are moving on, your bitches are coming with. Her pussy is really rich, Alice is Barbie come alive—flawless face, bubblegum lips, weaponized femme, she a bad bitch. Always a great time when Alice comes to town. She hustles hard, only 24 hours in Paradise, and most of those will be spent doing what she came for. 

We link in the morning, the weather is nice and balmy. 10am and we look real good. I got my suit up, Alice has her hair laid. I love a woman with a lot of ass on her, and a snarl that curls at the edge of her collagen lips. Alice is a bimbo bitch with a big heart and a lot of attitude. We hit a breakfast spot to dish and talk shit. Eggs, bacon, French Toast, and crab cake Benedict. First, a few drinks. Second, a lot of weed. Cannabis fills the air while we post up in the park, Alice talks a lot of shit while she grabs my dick. Daddy, Daddy can I have it? Can we go fuck? 

Plump lips slurp dick, Alice works that shit. The Jersey bimbo with the nice skin tone and killer legs. Forever tanned Belladonna, Alice is poison without a doubt. The hooker with a wallet full of Benjamin Franklins, she is my Pretty Woman. Alice craves this lady dick, I tell her bedtime stories while I rest on her pretty tits. Augmented and authentic, as sweet as candy on a summer day. The Bottle Blonde and the High Priestess, together the magic happens. Alice does that thing with her tongue, I think I’m head over heels. Her knees are next to her ears, and she is still wearing her heels.

Alice looks me in eyes and tells me, “Countess, the pussy is yours.” Black dick, white bitch, the King receives all the spoils. Long stroke cause Alice wants it all, fuck her from behind, ass everywhere, whole body shakes while she orgasms. Bliss waves up and down her spine. Alice tells me to take the pussy in that voice that takes things to another level. I’m fucking the pussy well, her legs are on vibrate. Places to go, more pussy to see. Throw at ass for the cash, we both love the dough if you didn’t know. Alice and I XOXO goodbye. She said, “See you on the other side,” and I said, “Until next time.”


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