The past is heavy. To drop it, even though it is meaningless, requires courage because you have identified yourself for too long with what you are not. Suddenly, you are asked to drop all of those identities. That is not only difficult for you, it is difficult for everyone. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible. Countless troublemakers around the world have been able to drop the whole past and have never looked back. You are more than capable, but you continue to look back. What has been is no longer there, and that which is, is right now. No hesitation is required. A slight hesitation and you have missed.

The present has greater dreams and mysteries. The past is already gone—nothing can be done about it. If you have dreamed in the past, if you have sung and danced in the past, what prevents you from doing so in the present? If the songs, dances, and love affairs of the past are the hinderance, they are not your friends. They are your enemies, they are unnecessary luggage. Drop them without thinking for even single moment. The present is the only reality.

If you can make the present your only reality, you will have greater passion and greater love. A person who lives in the present is capable of moving from love to compassion, from passion to compassion without difficulty or effort. In fact, capable is not quite right—more accurate is it happens on its own accord. Just remain in the present. It is the fire that destroys all rubbish, it is an inexhaustible opening.

Clinging to the past is dangerous because it does not allow you to be in the present. All that existence has to offer is in the present. The past is only memory. The future is only imagination. Meditation is to be in the present—no past, no future. Allow this moment to be all, and you have come in contact with the heart of the universe.


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