Society is heavy on the individual. It makes every effort to condition you so thoroughly that you begin to think that you are the conditioning. As a result, you become part of the society, against your own being. Naturally, every child begins doing what is supposedly honorable. The person goes on becoming more false, more phony, further and further away from his authentic reality, his own being—then the fear arises. Whenever a longing is felt to know yourself, it is immediately followed by a great fear. The fear is that if you find yourself, you are going to lose respect for yourself.

You will have to drop the fear. It is imposed on you. It is not natural. Watch the child, who accepts themselves totally. As they grow, they are distracted. You have to gather the courage to come back to yourself, against the wishes of society. You may be condemned, but that is better than remaining miserable and phony—living life for everyone but yourself. There is only one way to have a blissful life—you have to be yourself, whatever you are. From that reservoir of acceptance and self-respect, you will start growing.


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