This Is America

In truth, we are a rudderless ship in a culture systemically depleted by the same greed and disease of culture that degraded our halls of power. When one looks clearly at the reality before us, we find much less to blame ourselves for. This frees us from culturally induced guilt and shame, allows us to untangle ourselves from our conditioning and find the roots of our own shadows within the context around us, so we can begin to learn who we ourselves are, informed by our experience but essentially and eternally untainted by the useless programs that have held us back. Americans talk about peace, but practice war.

A sexually repressed person can be transformed into a solider with ease, because the sexually repressed is always ready to fight, they are always on the verge of violence. Tenderness is lost, the instinct for love is perverted into an instinct for hatred. Sexual repression destroys our connection to our bodies, our source of intuition and our deeper connection to universal love. Warring societies cannot allow sexual freedom. A society that is sexually liberated is a society absent of warlike violence.


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