All societies have had the interest in repressing women before twelve because thirteen is a dangerous age. Once sexual energy begins to manifest, we are difficult to repress—we possess a boundless energy, and any effort to repress us is impossible. All kinds of nonsense must be conditioned into women before sexual energy manifests. Then, we grow older, but do not grow up. If we desire to master sex, it is necessary to know what it is and where our limitations originate.

Only by acknowledging sex and by understanding it, by comprehending this primal urge, can we find what is transcendent within it. Without understanding sex in all its facets and forms, any effort to restrain and suppress sexuality only degenerates people. Humans have never been so sick, neurotic, wretched and unhappy, especially considering the relative material comfort we live in. Repression completely perverts mind and culture, poisoning people at their roots.


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