Originally, all magical power resided with women. Men then murdered them all, keeping alive only the youngest girls who were never taught what their mothers had known. The men had taken that knowledge for themselves.
 She has been exploited—he is cut off from Her, and thus deprived of his access to power. So he resorts to brutal control and abuse out of frustration and impotence. Our culture strains to deny the fact that power is of the Feminine, to cater to patriarchal rulers while that system preys on the desperate consumerism that runs rampant in populations that are bereft of the joy that comes from spontaneity and creative self-expression.

As custodians of the Feminine, women have been forbidden to know that it was the power that created and sustained everything around them. They may have known, and surely often did know in their bones that this was true, but the words to express it, the stories, symbols, role models and traditions were eerily absent. Sexually awakened women, affirmed and recognized as such, would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology.


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