Life does not exist as separate islands—not a single person is an island. Everything is interwoven. You are familiar with dependence and independence. Both are unreal; reality is interdependent. We are all interdependent on each other: people, nations, trees, birds, the sun, the moon, the oceans—everything is interwoven. In the past, humanity has never thought about the fact that humanity is a cosmos. We thought in terms taking everything separately. It was impossible for people in the past to believe that humans and trees are connected, that they are interdependent.

The more we melt into love, the more the universe melts into us. The more we disappear into love, the more the universe penetrates our being. A moment comes when we are annihilated by love, effaced. That moment, existence enters the innermost shrine of our being. So explore all the possibilities of love. Never avoid any possibility of love and existence is not far away. Love has nothing to do with biology, chemistry or hormones. Love is the flight of consciousness to higher realms, beyond matter and body. The moment you understand love as something transcendental, love is no longer a fundamental question.


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