All that is beautiful springs from the sexual instinct. It is the source of our graceful forms, melodic sounds, and brightest colors. It is the cause of the evolution of music, poetry, romance, sculpture, interior design, and dramatic entertainment. Our aesthetic sense is a secondary sexual attribute. It is our creative and fertile instinct, where we derive our love of beauty, why the relationship to home is so essential, why we love tiny pattering feet and the sound of infant laughter. The heart and all that it contains cones from the sexual instinct.

If we want to know the elemental truth about love, the first step is accepting the sacred nature of sex, to accept the divinity of sex with an open mind and heart. The more we accept sex, the less power it possesses over us. The measure of our acceptance is the measure of our deliverance. Embracing all that is natural in life, leads us to the highest realms of divinity—to heights previously unknown, to heights that are sublime.


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