Love survives. Hate falters. Compassion endures. Anger comes and goes. Hate cannot extinguish love anymore than darkness can extinguish light. If love is present, hate dissolves. If light is there, darkness disappears. Hate fights and struggles with its extinction, but the more we love, the more hate is impossible. Hate does not kill love, it adds dimension to it. Love is absorbent. Hate creates distance. Love creates intimacy. Hate separates. Love connects.

Lightning illuminates the night because it stands out in relation to the darkness surrounding it. The same is true for sex. There is an illumination, a moment of exhilaration that occurs during the sexual act that is not from the act itself. The orgasm is a taste of the beyond, a taste of transcendence. Those who hate sex will never be able to appreciate the orgasm as it should be. They cannot analyze the cause of the insatiable craving for sex. The incessant and reoccurring pull towards sex is the latent human desire to experience transcendence, which can be attained with or without the sexual act.

Sex becomes the center of consciousness for those who violently and vehemently oppose it. Opposers can never free themselves from sex; in fact, they become more bound to it. The more they attempt to run away from sex, the more they become entangled in it.


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