Black Magic

The Left Hand Path has an extensive history, most notably associated with the ceremonial sex magic rituals of numerous spiritual traditions. Western society, to this day, discriminates against the left handed, sometimes even forcing left hand dominant children to use their right hand. The left side of the body is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain. The left hand is associated with nonlinear, receptive, intuitive, analogous, emotional, imaginative, and experiential consciousness.

The ability to see metaphors, combining ideas and objects in unusual ways—this is the mode of consciousness of the Artist, the Dreamer, the Visionary. The right brain is associated with the feminine. Reclaiming the left hand is an essential step in realizing the value of the entire body, and different modes of consciousness available to us. The Left Hand Path is based on intuition instead of logic, imagination rather than verbal knowledge, on feelings rather than plans and goals. 

It is the Path of the Natural Mystic—less structured, more attuned to the spontaneous, less involved with bureaucratic progress, and more aligned with cyclical growth. Left Hand Path magicians practice for enjoyment, internal experience, or for no reason at all. Even enlightenment and transformation is abandoned for the spirit of play.


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