Masculine and Feminine represent positive and negative energy. On the mental plane, they represent time and space. Normally, these forces are at opposite poles. During the sexual interaction however, they move out of their position, coming together at a central point where an explosion of energy occurs. This joining of the masculine and feminine happens within each individual and is in no way linked to hetero or cis sexuality specifically. On the contrary, the more we embrace the wholeness of the masculine and feminine energies within us, the less bound we feel to constricting or false gender roles or sexual expectations.

In all aspects of life, the union between masculine and feminine are responsible for creation. At the same time, this union is also responsible for enlightenment—the explosion of energy that occurs at the moment of union is a glimpse of a higher experience.

Be harmonious with nature and not against her. Do not attempt to defeat, conquer, or overcome her. Those who attempt are doomed to fail because a part cannot surmount the whole. That effort only leads to exhaustion. To be harmonious with nature is to surrender to her. Victory lies in defeat.

The masculine principle is the subordinate reproductive element, the feminine principle, the original element, is always the dominant factor. In short, the feminine element is the necessary factor for reproduction of all life forms, while the masculine element was evolved for convenience in the reproductive process. It is, at best, an accessory.

The Source of all is feminine, not masculine. She is mother, not a father. True balance exists in the awareness of this fact, not in the illusion of equality.


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